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  • Not to be a comment hog, lol... But I know bananas and oranges aren't typically blended together (it's never been an issue for me), but if you're concerned, you can always do bananas and mangoes and just use water and dates instead of juiced oranges.
  • Another yummy is strawberry milkshake... 5 or more bananas and at least one whole container of strawberries. I also add in about 6 dates and then fill the blender up with water. This is sooo yummy and I'm not much of a fan of strawberries, lol.
  • Yeah, lol. I know I should eat more too, but this is good for now. I'm usually just finishing breakfast when it's lunchtime, lol. I do have a few red navel oranges in between though. What are your lunch plans? Maybe give a smoothie a try unless you need to chew something.
  • I just noticed you live in Queens... My parents live in Queens.
  • I totally get that, lol. That's why breakfast and lunch for me is usually a HUGE smoothie with banana as the base. Usually breakfast is 5 bananas, 1 cup of mangoes and 2 or 3 cups of pure orange juice. Lunch will be 5 or so bananas, a pint of strawberries and 3 cups of pure orange juice. It's the only way I can manage to consume even a decent amount of fruit at one time. What have you had so far?
  • Elzee, just let me know how you want to do this. Would you like to post what we are eating for the day? How we are doing, feeling etc? Just let me know what works for you. Tomorrow sounds awesome!!
  • Thanks for friending me! I'm here for you!!
  • i would love to make a start with you if you don't mind? we could help each other out, offer support and guidance. going to make a start tomorrow, you game? hope so! :-) x
  • Hi Elzee,

    Welcome aboard! :)

    You can check out the Banana Welcome Wagon at:

    To get started. Be sure to note food, calorie, water, sleep recommendations and log (can use or similar)  your food/drink intake, at least for the first few months to get used to what you need to eat to stay on target calorie wise as well as macronutrient (carbs:fat:protein) wise.


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