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  • Hey Emily,

    Thanks for the friending :)

    Have a great day,

    Esperanza xxx

  • :) heya Emily!!! :)
    Montgomery canyon eh!! thats rad, not too far from Loz fias where I am at :) You should fully hit the wholesale organic market downtown for some really good deals, a trip a week or so would save you cash I am sure, especially if u co op with any friends. Holler sometime when your back!
    Family fun too, thats awesome, i cant wait to go home for a stint :)
    Stoked you enjoy my vids n flow, thanks for the ups!! :)
    Any donation is good in my books, really if you have zero hit me up on and we can work something out for sure :) I would rather you have it than not no matter what.
    Hope to hear from you n thanks for the fun day wishes :) its going aweseome!
    enjoy the fam time to the max n as always much
    peacelovenseasonalfruit ck
  • :) heya Emily!!! how goes it in thousand oaks? where aboots is that?
    IM in la la land right about now :) Whats your fave thing to do of late?
    enjoy much
    peacelovenseasonalfruit ck
  • Most kind of you, Em.
    I guess I'm as cool as any guy could be who's loony enough to live in Phoenix in the SUMMER! :)

    Yep, that vid's amazing...just wish I could take credit for it! Actually it was Ste who found it on YTube. Luke already replied with his own take on the most effective way to progress in the planche pushup, so I look forward to working toward that end.
    Other than the peachathon, what's fun and fruity in thy neck of the woods this season?
  • Gracias for the ad, Em :)
    Still enjoying them millions o' peaches?
  • Hello! Welcome, so glad you joined up! Enjoy and feel free to intro yourself and post on the forum :-)
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