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  • Hi, love. First off, I'd like to point out that you are absolutely STUNNING.

    Secondly (and lastly) I'd just like to let you know that I have struggled with anorexia in the past and if you need any help or just someone to talk to I will always be here. :)

  • ur a ghost :)

  • yes :) yes:)

  • :)

  • im jamin out i like the marco polo song nice n mellow :)

  • helLo yes i am in pittsburgh my good friend :) but i thrive everywhere

  • ur amazing stay carbed up :)

  • Hi Emmie, I'm happy you add me as a friend.
    Are you in Montreal maybe we could meet ?

  • Emmie,

    I have no idea how i never got a notification for your comment! i am so sorry! how was your trip?!

    Yes i do! but honestly since i have gotten back i haven't used it at all and am feeling very nervous about even trying again! haha, use it or lose it!

  • Salut Emmie! Contente de faire ta connaissance, Ou prends tu tes fruits a Montréal? Marché Jean talon ?? :)

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