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August 20

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I have been high raw vegan (mixed with periods of 100%) since 2007. LIFE CHANGING. Glad to be here. Hi! ::waving::

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I eat a raw food frugivore diet

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yes married

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Movies: Sex & Lucia (beautiful!), Amelie, Life is Beautiful, Forrest Gump, Fried Green Tomatoes Books: Jane Eyre, Healing with Whole Foods, The China Study, Becoming Vegan, Teach Yourself language books (awesome!)

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https://uncooking101.com / http://facebook.com/uncooking101 / http://twitter.com/uncooking101

The Frugivore started this site to bring together frugivores across the Globe! Let us know what high fruit assistance do you need?

Specifically want to know more about LFRV, but I have been educating others on raw food in general for some time already. :)

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I will comply because I like totally agree with all this