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food forest inspiration

please share your food forest experience in image or text, the good and the bad as long it is inspiring (breaths life into).

one of our recent big picks of coconuts, at $5 per coco we are greatful that somebody in the past placed random coconuts(seeds

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Do people age faster on high fruit diet?

I was watching some random youtube videos on raw food diet. Some people claim one can age faster (or they did) on high fruit diet and were recommending a diet high on greens and sprouts. They were quoting Hippocrates health institute for reference.



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Grocery Haul!

Very proud of my grocery haul for the next couple days, although the pomegranates are from my own tree. it's always hilarious checking out at the grocery store, because I buy all fresh produce. The looks on their faces is hilarious! they just can't b

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Going to a nutritionist! Need Help!

Hello everyone, as you can tell from the title i'm going to see a nutritionist. It's not my choice believe me, its my mums. I'm 15 and I've been vegan for almost 3 months now and have followed the hclf vegan lifestyle I'm going to be writing down wha

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Grocery Haul Attempt #2!

I think I did pretty good with this one! With suggestions from my previous attempt I found a box of bananas and some dates...Dates are really expensive near me so that's why I couldn't get too many. I was surprised how cheap the box of bananas were t

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Detox symptoms?

Hello all!

I have been vegan for many years now. I've never been fully raw but recently I have been eating more raw til 4 with lots of fruit throughout the day. 
Often after eating a mono meal of fruit, I feel this weird tightness discomfort in my ches

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Juice as a meal

I recently bought a citrus juicer and am looooooving the fresh orange juice. After drinking about four cups of juice I feel quite satiated and can go a while without feeling hunger again. I've been considering having a large glass, maybe eight cups o

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