FruityGirl :) liked FruityGirl :)'s profile
Dec 25, 2020
FruityGirl :) liked FruityGirl :)'s profile
Dec 25, 2020

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  • hello fruity girl how ya doin'

  • That's awesome I'm excited to meet more fruit people! What part of the island are you moving to? Will you be here for the fruit festival? :-)
  • Hi BeBe...getting my fruit on watching the moon full in flight thinking of your kind words...Thank You...
  • ¶ Hallo,
    My newest friend...hoping you have a good weekend...
  • <3 you to! <3 

    ...going for a 12 km to warm up, right now! :) :) 

  • i'm not on this site alot either.i get reminded of this site every time a thread i commented on gets replies lol my name on fb is Ndem Nkem

  • i agree how are you?

  • Been in Costa Rica before ?! Cute cas , and eating zuchini oh my (my dogs eat some veggies if pre/ chewed on and grinded coconut with eagerness) !!

  • How was the visit from John Kohler?

  • hehe ! thank you ! :P 

This reply was deleted.