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  • Hi Andrea, I'm a Witness in Australia. Are there many witnesses at this site? You are the first I've found :-) yay!

    But I have to say, I love your enthusiasm. I just read your first response in the question about who believes in God. Responses are now up to 333, and I've only read the first 3 pages!


  • Hey, thanks friending me. The diet change didn't go well for me. I started the day before the fires broke out in Bastrop TX, which is were I live. I only had enough food for about 2 days. After that it was hard to get to the store which was picked through pretty good. It was easier at that point to just to give it up. In the weeks that followed I fell off the wagon bad. Landed right back into eating fried meat for every meal. After my health began going down hill again I knew what I had to do. I am vegan again and am eating lfrv at least 2 meals a day. I plan on giving it another shot soon, going lfrv full time.

    What congregation do you go to? I go to the Smithville congregation.

  • Hi Andrea, no problem! You are very welcome :) I hope you'll find a lot of support here and will have great results from a LFRV lifestyle! :)
  • Hi Andrea,
    Welcome aboard! :)
    You can check out the Banana Welcome Wagon at:
    To get started. 
    P.S. I was watching one of your videos and if you stick close to the hydration and caloric guidelines here, those kind of crazy-cravings will be VERY rare if ever. I recommend you to use Chron-O-Meter or similar, at least at first, to log your food intake and make sure you are getting enough calories. It is so easy to under-eat calories on this type of eating style!
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