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Tooth stains

Does anyone else get stains on their teeth from eating greens. Buy the time I go to my yearly dentist checkup my teeth are really stained, they scrape the stains of with some tool and my teeth look nice, but within weeks I notice my teeth turning yel

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Visiting Portland

Is there anyone in Portland OR. who I could stay with for a week or two in the beginning of July. I will be there from either July 5th-9th or 5th-15th. I will be gone most of the day.  I will pay you for housing me. Please let me know if this is a po

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baby bananas in US!!!

So the Unites States really only sells one type of banana, the cavendish, but i just read an article it the Wall Streat Journal that Amarica may start selling a second veriety of banana, the baby bananas that are about a third of the size of cavendis

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exercise with knee injury?

Help! I've been on crutches for to weeks now and am craving some exercise. I landed on a rock while trail running and tore open my whole knee cap. I can't bend my knee at all right now and probably wont get back to sports for several more weeks(runni

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