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  • Hello My name is barbora. I am also member of Overeaters. I found your post here and I am so happy that I see here somebody from OA. Actually this is for me new but somehow I believe that this is right and good. If you have time can we talk more on skype? Have anice day :)

  • You're more than welcome :) 
    Give it your all! 

  • thanks plenty of hugs going your way :) Im glad that we can somewhat relate keep in touch uts always nice to have someone to talk to :)
  • Love you, big hugs! Don't be surprised if I turn up on your doorstep one day because I miss you guys so much. Keep smiling xx
  • Thanks for the advice with the zucchini! I will def. try that next time I make those wraps and let you know. I use the zucchini stretch in the low fat hummus I make, as well as in my tahini salad dressing! 

  • Hey there beautiful mama!! Thank you again, so much, for opening up your home to me. I had such a wonderful time with you and the family! I can't wait to see you all again. Next year! You've got your hands full but remember you're carrying little pockets of sunshine. Smile, Janna loves you :) (hahaha that's funny coz usually my mum says, smile, Jesus loves you!)
    Have fun xoxoxoxoxo
  • Thanks, I am really excited. I will post pictures and our "story" when we get back! So glad were all getting to raise our children with a better idea of what's important!
    Lots of love
  • That's wise advice, Greenmama.  I think if we stay as positive as we can, people will react to that and be less freaked out by any dietary "weirdness."

    And it's hilarious how much I DON'T want cake anymore - not even a little.  Can't believe I'm the same person ;p

  • Hi Greenmama-  I just wanted to say Hello.  Regardless of how you're eating and what you're up to, I just wanted to say you are a lovely person.  Are you still active with the same spiritual fellowship?  I've been doing the work there intensely and it's working miracles in my life.  Take care!

  • Hi Greenmama! You popped in my head this morning. I hope you are having a lovely summer with your children. I have returned to work, and really enjoy what I do. I find it pretty easy to eat a ton of yummy fruit, and the cafe has lots of bananas. Just doing my best, like usual. I miss reading your blogs LOL. Anyways, we all gotta do what we gotta do. And I am glad you are finding joy in other areas of your life. Take care!!!!

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