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  • Hi Holy. To be precise I live outside Rome. Were I am, I can find good fruit everywhere. Some tips: avoid grocery store, to pricey. I could find some good shops owned by immigrants that sell good fruit at good price. But for good sake avoid almost the shop on the center toooo pricey!! Watch well the price on the fruit, and search, search, search...

  • Yes my goal is 100%, but I've kind of given up pushing myself after years of trying real hard and then failing miserably. It would be cool to meet if you're up to it - maybe you can inspire me or give me tipps :)
    Yes I drive, I manage to stack my car full with fruit when going to market.

    Its nice and hot here now, most days close to 30 degrees C. My girlfriend and I are in the process of planting edible fruit 'n veg in our garden :).

    My e-mail is bjornleistner@gmail.com

    I don't always check 30bad - rather email me straight.

    Let know :)

  • Oh and the fresh produce market is by far the cheapest - it is wholesale.

  • Hi Holi,

    You asked about fruit in Johannesburg.
    I am only a 50% lfrv (I've tried for a looong time being raw and not there yet, but I am vegan) but I eat a lot of fruit and I know where to get the good stuff.

    1. Woolworths - they always have good organic bananas, sometimes dates, figs, good papayas. "Woolies" is to be found everywhere in JHB and I find it the easiest to get fruit there, but it is expensive.

    2. Fruit & Veg or Food Lovers market (same franchise) - they are a big franchise in fresh produce. They vary in quality. I have 2 of them near me and both aren't great fruit-wise. They always have the best big Watermelons in summer though.

    3. Small random fruit shops. Unfortunately I have not found one of these near me but there are some good ones in JHB - just ask around in your area when you visit.

    4. The fresh produce market - this is the ultimate place to get quantity and quality of fruit in JHB. It is situated in City Deep. Search on google. You need to have an account there (I do). I don't know if that is possible if you are a tourist here - or are you an SA citizen? Think you need an ID to get your account. Also its not the safest of places - phones and wallets get pinched (I've bnever had problems though). I always get good stuff here, in bulk.


    May I ask when, why and from where you will be visiting JHB? Perhaps I could help a fruity out and help you get fruit at the market.




  • Hi Holi, thanks for the message. Nice you have a garden to eat from, we need a plantation though! :)

  • Hi, loads Of estate agents down here, very steep fees though. I'll get some names tomorrow :-)
    I don't know anyone doin 811, some of my hippie friends eat raw (dairy,oats)
    My goal is to get out of sunny Bournemouth and grow lots more!!
    It's really expensive,and most of the time I buy my fruit like you. I had been 'transitioning' for a few months, just today finished 30 day raw challenge on fb, gonna do another 30!! The free running and slacklining have started recently too, so am just learning, I love to slackline,so do the kids!!
    May have a deal on bananas soon, may not be organic though, do u buy all organic? On fb my name is John coward :-/
  • Hey, I find getting nice sweet fruit really hard. I just stick to bananas and dates, then buy extras when I find a good deal,and i grow as much as i can.I dont know any other fruit munchers most people think I'm crazy. I found another girl livin here but she didn't reply to any messages. I've been around the uk and getting fruit here is the same as anywhere else. I get my dates from haverawcakeandeatit.co.uk.
    What course are u going to study? Apparently the student life in Bournemouth is awesome!
    I can cut you in on some good fruit deals, they're never around for long though. See you soon maybe ;-)
  • Awesome idea Holi, you should do a book! :), I went from SAD to vegan 5 months ago, and have stuck with it since. I went straight to 80/10/10, and did that one month, overall I felt better and better, but for a stupid reason I went back to cooked vegan, and huge difference, high fat is not the way to go, since then I've been off and on lfrv, at the moment it's a struggle.

    I can do some training usually when I stick with lfrv, when I'm eating cooked or high fat, I usually don't feel good enough to train.

    I did some classical ballet, and I love movement, unfortunately I have very bad knees.

    How is the UK treating you ? How long have you been lfrv, and what differences do you notice?

  • Hey Holi, yeh would be cool to meet some more fruitbats in bristol! If you're looking for a room when your back let us know, we're a house of vegans with a nice garden in totterdown and a spare room going. Not looking to rent it out real fast as the rents pretty cheap and we wanna find someone with similar interests. Nice dance pics by the way, some of the girls in the house have started doing trapeze too recently, they love it! Tris :)

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