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  • Hi Rain, Nice name : )  I'm glad your feeling better and I acknowledge you for taking your health to the next level.  My exercise was brisk walking and yoga and doing construction work.  As I got better my walks got farther and faster.  I seem to have hit a wall again, so I'm not feeling to peppy these days.  I have gum disease and I think that is affecting me.  However, I trust in this way of life and I know I'll be on top again real soon.  Since I've had tooth pain I cut my calories and now that they are feeling better I can eat again : )

  • Hi Hummingbird, Just checking in with you.  How are you feeling?  Are the changes you made making a difference?


  • Hey Fruit Fly, thanks I thought I wrote it in my email. Hiro told me he knew another 811 girl and then showed me your pic. Also he told me you know Rueben? Take care!

  • Thanks for the request, Fruit Fly! :)

  • bzzzzzzzzzzz.... so funny, I read Anzhela post and see another "fruit fly:D" seems, like we think simmalar and do simmalar mistakes:)...Also did 811improperly;)....

    Much hugs and hope to talk to you more, bzzzzzzz, bzzzzzz!

  • :)  Hope you're doing well.  Still hoping we can hang out if you're still around town. :)
  • Hi there, FF,

    You mean you don't read chinese?! Nor do I. The very fact that the credits came out that way on my page demonstrates how poor my computer skills are :) Anyway, it's called "Rivers of Zimbabwe" and the composer is Jorge Alfano.

    As for Kundalini yoga, I love love love the chants, but still have a tough time with some of the lengthy meditations. And after years of Bikram, I find the movements of KY very freeing. Right now I mostly do videos, but I did study for a year at the Yoga West Center in LA. Do you have good classes in Santa Cruz?


  • FF, I appreciate your helpful spirit toward Melissa as she's seeking help, but please view my reply in her thread for site policy regarding the promotion of algae:

  • i was 100% for a long time but i have found it nice to wear them sometimes like when using a weedwacker or something haha. im probably like 97% barefoot :)
  • Thanks a lot :P! and thanks for the add also
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