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..a banana question

..Just wondering about bananas wich is most of my calorie intake living here in scandinavia... Do the organic ones have enough nutrition when they are not havest ripe from the tree (becouse of shipping ). I always eat them very ripe but am just wonde

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hungry before bedtime

I just wonder what you do if /when you get hungry before bedtime. Some days I get hungry and can´t fall asleep . I have tried to drink more warter but that is not always enough and feel the stress in my body until I finally go and eat a litlle fruits

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Seeds in grapes!

...just curious if you chew the seeds in grapes. I think they taste a little bitter and feel strange on the teeth afterwards, but I have heard there should be healthy stuff in them .??

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BioRepair for dental problems?

I just came over an article about BioRepair toothpaste and wonder if anyone here know this product.... it should be naturalI know it is a little "silly" to focus on teeth when I feel mine is fine now but since it is something that sometimes can be a

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fruitarians loosing their teeth?

over the years I have heard many times that some fruitarians have lost all their teeth by beeing fruitarians for years. Or had to get lots of dental work done.Now "newer" to 811 I was wondering why this has happend to some people ? could it be they e

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