Jacob Evans posted a discussion
Aug 30, 2011
Jacob Evans posted a discussion
Aug 30, 2011

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  • Hi again, I'm glad you are starting again, some people start without transitioning much, others fall off a few times. I have been eating high carb low fat, however sometimes I still do it with some cooked food, sometimes during weekends a little sprouted bread or some rice but still high carb low fat. My husband, he is eating lots of fruits and vegetables but he occasionally eats some animal products, so he is not really vegan but little by little he is accepting more the "truth," hehe 

    We go to S. Salem congregation Spanish. 

  • funny-pictures-cat-shakes.jpg


    Nice to have you aboard, Jacob, Family and Crab :)


    I see my amiga PK has already rolled out the red carpet for you with our welcome link, so pls let us know if we can be of any assistance.

  • Thanks for the friend request and see you around the 30BaD 'hood! Peace, PK
  • Welcome to 30 Bananas A Day!

    For a bird's eye view of 30 Bananas a Day, inspiration, and a jump start to your diet, you might like the blog post:

    30BaD Banana Wagon Tour

    Peace, PK

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