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  • Hey Jason, I read that you've spent some time on fruit farms in Hawaii. Do you think you could point me in the direction of some nice ones with ample fruit and maybe 15-20 hrs of work, if you know of any?

    Thanks man, peace :)

  • Thank you for showing me a ripe pineapple, I cant believe I was eating unripe pineapples, you helped me so much, I am eternally grateful. 


    Peace, Love & Happiness To You,

    Yours Sincerely,


    Simon. x

  • Yea Jason, the sticker was left 100% intact in the excrement, it was pretty funny actually. Of course anyone else besides you reading this likely thinks I'm a pretty sick individual.


    As far as the pawpaws, there's a guy at the farmer's market here in Bloomington, IN that knows the best trees in the woods and picks them and sells them at the market. He always has the craziest stories of what he had to go through to get them, too. He always picks his at the right to too so they are so darn sweet, absolutely incredible stuff. I don't know, I think I could eat 100lbs of pawpaws, but I guess if they were all ripe at once and you didn't have enough fridge space that would be tricky. In September I usually buy around 30lbs a week as a supplement to whatever else I'm buying at that time like peaches, melons, and mangoes.


    Great talking last night. I had loads of fun. We'll likely see each other in the next 2 or 3 weeks. We'll have to exchange numbers.

  • Congrats on the recent move!
  • Hey man! How is everything? Life? The new venture? The fruity awesomeness? My apologies for the lack of communication (and the potluck) recently-- life actually threw me a curveball just towards the ending of the school year-- my sister had broke her leg in Jan, but I became increasingly busy trying to grapple with that stress back at home (NY), along with a few related things, and trying to manage all other crazy things I had/have going on in my life... fell off the LFRV wagon for a bit, but I'm definitely back on and have been for quite sometime now! -- down to a month again, and I'm so appreciative...I mean, you can't really beat ya self up over your experiences, ya know? Learn and grow, learn and grow... such a wonderful spiritual walk life is!

    Hope things are going awesome on your side bro! Keep up the awesome work that I am sure you're up to! I've been in the Boston area this summer and so far the fruit I've seen has been pretty cool...hope you've been taking advantage! C ya around dude!
  • OMG I just remembered another dream I had last night. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

    My frame (bike) got fucked up...the top tube cracked in half. I was hysterical. Especially because they no longer build that bike anymore.. so it's even more special now.

    Lucky for me it was just a dream! And I woke up in heaven, next to my sweet love! <3 <3

    I LOVE YOU. Be grateful for your dateorade, and it will digest like a dream.
  • heh... Ive been really raw since February and I'm still getting used to some things. How long have you been a raw foodie?
  • aha! clever one you are. My avocado at the time wouldn't have been soft enough for that... It was only a little. But I have learned my lesson... cutting avocados like that = pain.
  • oh lol, I just meant to cut it open, not to take out the meat. Either it was dumb. Even as I was doing I'm like... this is stup- ow!
  • cool, thanks Jason!
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