Jenee Michell posted a discussion
Feb 4, 2013

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  • Awww... Yaaay!
    I totally get that it isn't always easy, lol. I have to admit it was much easier doing the high fat way (lots of nuts, seeds and avocados) in fact, I didn't know there was another way to eat raw, lol. But I find my easiest HCRV days are when I load up on the fruits all day. By the time I have to cook for my husband and little ones, I'm usually so stuffed that their food no longer calls my name, lol. It's super important to get in a good high carb calorie rich breakfast. I usually have a banana orange smoothie (half a gallon). That gets my energy high and amazingly, I can even drink this on a cold snowy morning! I remember when I used to rush to the kitchen for a warm cup of tea or coffee. But I'm still learning and discovering the beauty of this journey so lets do this together :)
  • Welcome to 30Bad Jenee! Great to have you here :) Take a tour of the  All aboard the Banana Welcome Wagon! for a quick look at the basics of this diet and to see exactly how we roll here on 30BaD! Feel free to ask if you have any questions :) Wishing you all the best for your health, Esperanza and the 30BaD team

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