Jenuine1 posted a discussion in The Runners
May 6, 2010

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  • absolutely!
    do hit me up when your in Cleveland.
    mango fun times ahead.
    don't forget!
  • Hey if your still out there Fter all this time, how are you? 
  • Thanks a bunch for connecting Jenuine1.

  • I'm a fruit dreamer for sure
  • Jen, the potluck is this Saturday, March 5th, at 6pm. It appears, judging by your comments section, that you already know Jack? This is a low-fat event and I'm pretty strict about that. At my last 2 parties me, Jack/Sara served all the food and there were no overts (with the exception of some durian as a treat). In my daily life I'm even stricter, so you can count on this being a TRUE, LFRV event! It would be a pleasure to have you over!
  • You're welcome. Thank YOU! That's so great to hear...I love it! So happy the videos have inspired you. XO
  • Thank you for your friendship! 

    Wishing you a fabulous week. :0)

  • Hey hows it going? The snow is comin down hard right now:) Cant wait for spring!!!
  • THAT HOT AND IN MED SCHOOL? How are you not already married? You must be every man's dream. ;P


    Also, how is medical school going for you? I am very interested in joining you in that quest...but I wondering if 811lfrv and medical school (especially on rotations!) are really all that compatible these days...

  • Hi Jenuine,

    thanks so much for all your tips. Thing is that we cruised so long through Amish-ville that we only made it to Akron (hm, i was NOT impressed) and did not make it all the way up to Cleveland. Next time, soon. By the way, are you a party organizer there or something like that? xx
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