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Jun 28, 2019
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Jun 25, 2013
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Dec 14, 2009

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  • Hey Joe,

    I wouldn't pay too much for land.. I paid 14k for 5 acres here in Naples, Florida, it was a foreclosure but the average price is 4-10k per acre.

    Bananas, papayas and jackfruit grows year around here, watermelons twice a year.

    Pawpaws and atemoyas do well they say but not the cherimoyas. Not sure about the strawberries, but I know they grow a lot of them in FL. I didn't see any corp farms nearby.

  • Hi & Welcome Brothers & Sisters ( Kati, Amanda, Frugisaurus, Joe and anyone viewing this blog )

    It is nice to see all of you interested in an affordable raw vegan community in healthy tropical climate.  I skipped 4.5 winters on my 9 year health journey and I have come to realize that a healthy climate is vitally important as it affects so many aspects of our lifestyle.  When I go down south to skip a winter my health & happiness is elevated instead of compressed by winter.  This is because our human body has many needs in order to function at a high health level.  Eg, sunshine on your skin, fresh air on your skin, warmth surrounding your body, nectar like fruits fueling your body, warm oceans lakes and creeks to enjoy in, fresh outdoor air to breath all day long, to be outdoors most of the day instead of stuck in a house hiding from the sub zero temperatures, listen to natural sounds of animals, plants, and waves.  

    So far all I have seen is expensive unaffordable retreats, festival, and communities where you have to pay $200/day, buy into a $70 000 share like the Hawaii one or where you 2/3 of the day just so you get room and board.  

    I got a different plan, lets choose a nice tropical location safe and comfortable, lets rent a house or two aince they are only $300 to $600 a month or less. Lets a flight ticket or for those with adventure in your heart carpool down.  Lets enjoy the ocean, lakes, creeks, local people, local towns, build connections with local farmers who will supply us with food.  Lets brink our books and learn and grow, lets bring our hammocks kindness peacefulness and intelligence and lets at least create a community that thrives for the winter months (November to May) if not whole year.  

    I don't know about you but I realized that I want a different kind of life where I want to be happy year round and I can't be happy in winter when half my bodily needs are impossible to meet, I want to be healthy year round and for life and I can't do this half the year because in Canada half the year my body can't get what it needs and is suffocating in 3 to 5 layers of clothing and consuming tropical fruits which are a shadow of the real thing.  

    So the idea is to build an affordable $20/30 a day community, a micro community not with a million hectars of land but simply a large hause or a few cabins mingled in or next to local town of friendly warm people.  With a car and or bike so we have freedom to go check out beaches waterfalls lakes, town and more.

    Lukas (healthsupercharger)

    To be continued...

    Will do what I can, but it will be a collective effort for sure.

  • May I ask how I find a company that works in Kenya so that I could buy some cheap land there and then live a self-sufficient life?
  • Hey Joe.
    You do know that they sell the Japanese futons but in queen size with the tatami mat.
    Maybe you could convice your wife to sleep on the floor. :)
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