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  • bahhharrr harrr harrr!! well here in future land,everyones eating fruits and living on an all raw diet,its fun times and we use the barter system no one needs money anymore....;);)
  • Haha well i would be happy to shoot some hoops,could be bloody hopeless but i would give it a shot(hahahaha pun intended)
    yup i am in Oz.i have no idea re time Kas.Its 7.50am(wed) right now if you are awake and get this message straight away we can work it out??
    No where i live it most def isnt warm all year round,but some parts of oz are...even though its not that cold yet,for this time of year.Which i am totally stoked about,last night i was actually stripping off my jacket and arm warmers as i was riding,it was so warm.A beautiful night
  • Haha well you are!!!!! and thank you :)
    Great about the way you are eating,cos it's simply the best way for healing bowel issues.

    No actually i was working my ass off riding with the guys.And will do again tonight i am sure of that lol...haha you must have a big room or its really minature basketball like mouse size ;)
  • Hey gorgeous boy,that's happy new that you are giving it another go.Are you eating lots of fruits too? that way you will not over eat on the fats,cos you won't be so starving hungry ...
    Whats new,hmmm lets see.i have joined my first group bike ride(cycling) all guys,they are nice and i kept up real well..getting in quite a few kms a week,am serious about it,it's so addictive feeling so good,even if after a big ride i feel soooo stuffed lol...
  • Hey.....what's happening Kasey?
  • tnx for the reply. yes, I too have been buying from asian markets and they're really cheap; st lawrence is good in the summer and I will probably try to make a deal with some farmers there.
    I'm scoping out some other sources.. will let you know if I run into anything worthy!
  • hey Kasey, I was just searching for someone in Toronto to scope out the secrets of acquiring affordable organic produce around here. Do you know of a food share/ a co-op/ organic suppliers... anything that's better than supermarkets..? If you can throw a hint, I'd be really grateful. tnx
  • hey kasey
    did you catch all the drama on GITMR i got mobbed by the paleos, then booted off !
    outageous - still its much more chilled on here anyway.

    anyhow I know you like your tunes, I got some great new beats, mainly reggae n dubstep, so im gonna do a few mixes this week....will drop one in, if you like..
  • Hey Kasey. I read your post on Carrie's recent thread and was wondering how you are going eating more greens and less fruit. Is it working out for you?
    I know you have been working at this for quite a while without getting the results you hoped for and I agree with you that it is a good idea to try different approaches for ourselves.
    I have been reading a lot about different people's experiences and while it seems that many people get great results with 811 for candida there is also a group of people that don't do so well. Whether this is because they are not being strict enough could be the case but maybe different people do better with different methods.
    So anyway, how are things going for you?
  • Here's where the problem comes in. I have a dangerously high candida count

    Look up mms.com
This reply was deleted.