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I'm interested in art, theatre, yoga, fantasy books, manga&anime, gardening, sewing and everything vintage :) Love long lazy brunches and daydreaming ;) I'm not following the 80/10/10 plan (not yet!), but my diet is based on raw fruits

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I'm exploring various possibilities

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I need a guidance and advices :)

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I will comply because I like totally agree with all this

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  • How are the fruits in Poland? What is growing?

  • Hi! I'm so sorry I only noticed your friend request now. NT virtually MU!

  • Yes, my also taking some influences, he started sharing my salads and adding more fruit to his breakfast, and he totally cut out meat and just eats fish meats, which is much better than before, which im glad coz im sick of buying and cooking meat for him, it makes me feel sick when i do it, i get very nervous in the butchers.

  • hej!:) tez mam taka nadzieje, ale widzac nawet po mojej rodzinie sie szybko nie zapowiada nawet na wegetarianizm, a co dopiero wegaizm lub raw! Chociaz wciaz mam nadzieje, i caly czas probuje ich i wszystkich dookola przekonac :) trzymaj sie cieplutko! pozdrawiam!

  • Thank you for the friends invite :) You are in a great shape vibrant looking 

  • Hi pretty! I'm Heather. How are you doing? =]

  • I hate when I say I am a vegetarian or ask for a veg meal people ask if I eat fish. I like all the fruits you mentioned but, as I said,  have a particular fondness for watermelon. Cherries can be quite good especially the Ranier. My cousin Giacomo had a country house on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. The fruit trees he had produced the best fruit. I was there, in Sicily but not my cousin's, I had some of the best peaches I have ever tasted. I know people use the term that something "tasted like candy" but these did. I was eating most of my food raw then and had to hide the 5 kilos I bought from my cousin Rosalia. She would cook for us and I would want to eat fruit. She used to get so upset When we asked for salad and fruit. I honestly think that Sicilian produce is the best that I have ever tasted. I heave never visited in the winter but I am sure that it would be very difficult.

  • I have been quite a few place but not all that I would like. I have visited England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Italy. I have spent the most time in Italy/Sicily since I have family there. I am actually Spanish born to an American father and a Sicilian mother. They met in the U.S. and my father, who was in the Navy, was stationed in Spain. I have also been to a few Caribbean countries, Mexico and Canada.

    I was going to visit Poland but a friend of mine, who was living in Poland at the time, told me it was not a vegan friendly country. He said that it would be difficult to travel the country and be satisfied unless I ate at least dairy. I have found that to be the case in a lot of the European countries that I have visited. If one eats eggs and dairy then it is not so bad but vegan is pretty difficult. Summer is easier, especially when you do a high fruit diet.

    I have an easier time eating raw in the summer. I especially have an easier time eating a high fruit diet during warmer months. I absolutely love watermelon and have eaten it, pretty much exclusively, for about a week at a time. I think that I could go a whole summer eating nothing but watermelon. I usually have to convince myself that I need variety when they are in season and good.

  • It is much easier here than other countries. I have been in Europe and some countries have little to no selection in the fruit and veg that they get. We have a pretty good selection all year round and in some parts of the country you can get frresh local grown all year. I live in the Northeast and we have winter for half the year. We have to have imports, even if it is from across the country.

  • Hello! Thank you for friending me!

    I've never been to Poland, can you tell me what are your favourite things about it? Have a glorious day!

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