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  • Hey Kitty Kat!!!!  How have you been?  It's been such a long time!  :(  Hope things are going well over there for ya!

  • yes thanks it was ok, but this one a lot better,  I'm on holiday at last, and for the remainder of the month :-)

    what's about your weekend? 


  • thanks you too Kayl, here all wonderful

    and you, all right?

  • Didn't quite make the Boxhill Ballbuster in the end although I ran in a relay race there last weekend. 250 steps up the hill and then racing down the other side - brutal!

    Yes, cycling's definitely a summer sport for me I have to say :)

    Have you got any events coming up?

  • No funnily enough I haven't done that much since. Running is more of a preference so I tend to lean more towards that.

    That said, I'm being tempted by a duathlon in November which is based at Box Hill - the Box Hill BallBuster! Like you say though, strong winds and less than pleasant conditions might make it less appealing...

  • Hey, uhm, is that date sugar on your neck?

  • Cool bananas! Definitely be good to do it again.

    Yeah they weren't great were they but funnily enough they tasted good to me too and gave me the last boost I needed to get to the finish. Potassium?

  • Hey! Yeah a bit delayed myself too...

    Well, it seems a while back now but fond memories remain. I loved the whole event despite having neither ideal preparation nor fuelling, and perhaps blasting off a bit too quick at the start and paying for it on the hills.... :-)

    How about you? Are you in the ballot for next year?

  • LiFe is simple :) eat lots of dragon fruits :)

  • Hi - funnily enough just thinking of updating you as I've been out on the route twice now...

    Box Hill is the easiest of the three climbs in my opinion - nothing too steep, just goes on a bit. The Newlands Corner approach and Leith Hill are definitely challenging although I made it up OK. What's your gearing like?

    My start time is 7:02 - bit of an early one isn't it!

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