Loane posted a discussion
Jul 13, 2014
Loane posted a discussion
Jul 1, 2014

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  • Also, please keep me apprised of your progress. My sister has Grave's disease and I'm trying to convince her to follow Brownstein against the wishes of her doctors. She only gets worse under that old model and I hate to see her suffer ever more with time...

  • Thanks for the add. Sorry about the hassle getting iodine there. Some countries place restrictions because iodine can be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. If you have trouble finding it online let me know. There are numerous sources, including Dr. Brownstein's website.

  • omg your cat climbing the curtain is so funny!!!

    yes, we can totally make it better by not using anything and eating tons of fruit!!!! We're on the right track!

  • Hi Loane and thank you for the friend request. Happy New Year too! I look forward to interacting with you. Et je parle aussi français si tu préfères (j'ai grandi en région bordelaise). A bientôt !

  • Hey Loane, I am strictly raw.  Maybe one day I will do a bit of 80 10 10 cooked, but I can't see that anytime soon.  i react to anything cooked, even pasteurized juice.  my body is super sensitive right now.  How about you?

  • hiya ! thanks ! yeah ! it was great ! although I need a lot of sleep and fruit now ! :D 

  • Hi Loane !

    I think that putting hot water in your food processor would break it :(  You can get really cheap blenders second hand.   Mine was only $8.  Even new they're not very expensive.  The carob could be expensive in that recipe if you get it totally raw, however, dry roasted carob is very inexpensive.  Of course raw is best.  But dried fitgs are cheap :)  

  • Bonjour Loane, Merci pour ton amitié.  En fait, ma langue maternelle est le français.  Ce sont, entres autres, mes voyages aux États-Unis qui ont amélioré mon anglais.  Je vis pour l'instant dans un village bilingue.  Pour l'instant l'Espagnol m'attire comme nouvelle langue à apprendre.  J'aime beaucoup parler la langue anglophone et quelques mots espagnols et encore plus Hawaien, c'est comme des chansons avec toutes les intonations...

  • i have seen your photos they are really amazing,very nice

  • Hey loane, so i read most of the book you recommended. It's pretty boring. Lol hard to get through. Now i am reading 80/10/10. I think starting Saturday I'm gonna do banana island again. I have been eating badly lately. I need a cleanse. How r u doing?
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