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  • Thanks for the add :)

  • Hi Mary-  I love your presence here on the board.  You have a mature, earth mama persona and are a real gem in our community.  

  •  Thankyou for the lovely compliment :) x

  • Right on! I don't find too many unschoolers. My kids sure love it though.
  • There you go, that sounds like a nice idea.  Sister in Florida, 2 months down south would be definitely health beneficial and you could even drive down there for just a few hundred dollars, that would save you five flights. 
    Most likely once you settle down your whole family wold be happier and you could spend more time outdoors together.  The food would be more local as Florida grows a huge amount of fruits for its size relative to other states.  If I was a US citizen I would choose southern California coast or southern Florida to live.  Remember your health is your Wealth, everyone has only one health, and like Doug says, there is no time out.  Health is build or lost linearly gradually with each moment and all the various lifestyle choices.  Living more than 50 deg. latitude away from the solar equator is definitely unhealthy for our species. 


  • Mary - That is nice to hear you are raising your own family and staying close to your extended family.  It is not too incredibly challenging to skip a couple months.  In Mexico you can rent a house for 200 - 400 dollars a month and your whole family can stay there and flights to Puerto Vallarta are normally 600 to 700 bucks, so it can be done with even just $6000 to $8000 a family of 4 can have a good time.  Just have to rent outside tourist traps.  Food is cheap 10 to 15 bucks a day per person.


  • Thanks so much for commenting on my blog post. @Mary - I'm working on getting there. The journey is never ending I'm told. :D

  • Love your new profile pic Mary! You look beautiful :) xxx

  • Hey! How are you! Thank you so much for you friend invitation and for your kind lovely words. I'm very moved by them. 

    You're so beautiful! Looking at you is a pleasure to the eyes!

    It's such an honor to be your friend! You must be such a wonderful person!

    Love and best regards,

    Daniel <3 <3 <3

  • Thanks for commenting on my blog post.  I am going to post about forgiveness and gratitude a lot. 

    @Mary - Ur definitely welcomed.  Thanks for reading the post.  It's my phenomenal family here that keeps me inspired to write.

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