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  • Hey, am I confusing you with someone else or did you also used to live in Oregon?

  • Nope :P this is a brand-new project! :^D
  • Hi Mera.
    I should change my profile because I will probably have very little to do with those people in SC for a while. BUT they are amazing people and looking for help. It's called Palmetto Springs Ecovillage, located in Winnsboro, not far north of Columbia. Here's the website:
  • Thank you Mera!  And wishing you the very best in finding your own little paradise here on earth!  You sound amazing, go girl!

  • Hello there. I'm from Augusta, my family is all there. We visit once or twice a year. Maybe you can help us score some good fruit when we're there? ;]
    I was also into the natural birth scene there. You know Lynn? Or Julie Anne Howard? She's a doula and a good friend of mine.

  • Great to be your friend!!! :)

  • THANK YOU! :) Yay!

    Happy Bday Month to you too!

    Love & Happy New Year & Happy New You! :) Xx!

  • hi mera :)  some of us are talking about starting a new fruitarian home here in santa cruz, california, near the beach.  thought i'd run the idea by you in case you're interested.  private message me if so and we can chat on the phone asap... if not, that's fine too, and i'd like the idea to visit with you in person this year some time.

  • Hey Mera! How are you doing?

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