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  • MIchael you are truly wonderful to follow and inspirational in so many ways.  Thanks for all you do!

  • Thank you for accepting my friend request, I feel truly honored. Have the best day ever!

    - Your friend Melissa.

  • Hey, Michael. Thanks for friending! Have a great day ;-D

  • Hey Michael, thanks for the inspiration.  if i lived in NYC and if things worked out,  we'd be running partners for sure.  Some people tell me i'm crazy running 100+ miles a week on a regular basis, sometimes up to 150 mpw.  I've only been running for 4 1/2 years but after 3 years, when i first ran 100+ miles a week for 16 weeks in winter, and again in the summer, that i broke 2:45 in the marathon.  I haven't raced well in the marathon since due to heat and training but still set PR's in the 5k, 4 mile, 5 mile and 10k and won a 50k last fall.  I hope to someday be where you're at in running and diet.  i find it's easy to run when it's enjoyable.  and on my wednesday night group runs, i bring fruit to the bar with me and some of the runners dig in lol.  this is just making me hungry for fruit and wanting to go for a nice, long run lol.  peace.

  • Thanks Michael! :) I really LOVE mountains, I look forwards to Sri Lanka!

  • I thought you might be interested to hear we are getting Fresh Durian in around 2 weeks and this year we may start getting Malaysian variety Durian Musang King

  • Hi.  First of all thanks for all the inspiring videos and congratulations on creating Woodstock Fruit Festival.

    I was curious whether you'd thought about inviting Steve Pavlina to Woodstock.  As far as I know he's still Raw and as he has one of the biggest personal development sites I thought it might be a good way of spreading the word.  Just a thought. 

  • No problem!  The fresh durian will take some time before i know when it will be available.

  • Great, thanks! All the best! And before I forget: you really are a super inspiration!

  • Hi Michael,

    I have recently set up a website in dutch and english to promote the hcrv lifestyle. I have used some before and after pics of you and embedded a video of you. I hope you are ok with this. Please let me know if you are not. The websites are and

    All the best,

    Jelke/Dutchie (we briefly met at Woodstock) 

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