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Jun 1, 2015

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  • yay, I am so happy you are working on a wellness centre. My wish is that the whole world would oneday be a wellness community centre. The system needs to change. I believe that politicians may become environmentalists and doctors may become nutritionists/naturopaths/homeopaths. Homedesigners=furniture design and making and architects and others that need to change.

  • hahaxD
  • may luck be on your side ; )

  • ohh high standards aye?; ) haha jk. but i know what you mean, just cause someones vegan doesnt mean they have the same lifestyle as you do. but in general vegan is better than not. ...when i lived in nc, them most were very conservative,they ate alot of fried meats and bbq. i wouldve been happy just to meet a vegetarian at all. i live in berlin now, and theres a huge vegan influence, but like you said...not really high carb or raw vegans. 

  • awesome: ) i grew up there! but im from wake forest. sadly i never met any vegans living there . boo

  • you can also find vids on youtube where they compare it to christianity an so on

  • Great, the name is Oahspe a kosmon bible. Be sure to find an original. It was first published in 1848 by Newborough (this is the story that I got) american dental doctor or mouth doctor or something was inspired to go on fasting and cleansing his body and becoming vegetarian. Then he went on a long fast purifying his body after long period of fasting he was inspired to get a pe writer one of those old antique ones and then one morning he was inspired to get up and sit infront of the open window with the type writer infront of him and a beam of light fell onto his hands and he started typing automatically and the beam was apparently hands one ontop of the other the hands had passing light through from the next hand to the next hand. And he got the command not to read what he was writing and his hands was just typing in darkness.

  • Hello I want to help you make the world utopia. Have you read the book Oahspe? I have just started reading it to myself, my mother read it to me as a youngster. It is a spiritual book.  you have to be openminded to read it. I do not know if many people would like it (in the society I live in). I have heard people sya that there are flaws in Oahspe others think it is the most magical 'bible.'

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