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Overt-free Mousse?

I'm wondering if there's a good recipe for an overt free mousse--I'd love to add some carob or chocolate powder to it, but don't want it to be creamy because of the overt fats.


Would there be a decent substitute for overts? Would persimmons work? I'v

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Exotic Date Varieties?

I found a list of date varieties available from the Date People, and am curious as to whether any of these are particularly delicious to try? What do they taste like? How do they compare to other dates? Thanks! :) Are any of them worth the exotic pri

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How Bad is Dried Fruit?

Hi all,


I've been struggling through health and financial issues (mostly caused by paying for the health issues, ugh), but cooked sweet potatoes or potatoes or grains just don't do me any favors. I'm sick of getting nosebleeds and headaches from eati

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