pradtf and PK are now friends
Feb 20
ednshell and PK are now friends
Feb 20
PK and rawterra are now friends
Feb 20

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  • PK! :D
  • Masked or not, I'd recognize that puss anywhere.  Been a month of Sundays, PK!  Nice to read you again.  I hope even this craziest of years still finds you and yours thriving!


  • on second thought, that sweater's a wee bit light...

  • Nice haircut, but might get cold.  
    Sure you don't want a hoodie?

  • Just noticed your special day of celebration.  
    Must remember the equally important Eleventh Commandment:

  • Guess you guys really do hate sweaters...

  • 8193738676?profile=original

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  • two of a kind


  • Guess the Red White and Blue is catching


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