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Eating cooked tubers instead of fruit

I'm bottling out of the diet for now, money!!!


Problems with eating 811 with tubers?  Like I just got 17 bags of parsnips from wallmart for 5 pence a bag! 


I know cooking destroys minerals/vitamins I know, but hand on heart tell me when will this mak

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I'm awaiting my Blood Test

I'll post when I have the results.


I have been 2 year 811, not 100% but imo good enough to have feedback.


Had tremendous weightloss and transitioned to high juicy fruit and off the bananas.  This was a strange thing and I craved bananas like mad.  Bu

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Market v supermarket

I'm thinking of no longer shopping at the supermarket, it's just that the local market seems expensive, but I feel a big disconnect with the supermarket and my 811 diet, so will the move to the local market give me any moral good points for when I le

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Farrah Fawcett cancer ordeal!

Two 'health' teams worked on her, she had the very best no doubt,i saw them zap the tumours, obviously to no avail,sorry saga, doctor's played with their toys, she thought she could lick cancer with the has "farrah's story", but wa

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I love flies but not wasps

Let me explain.I always had a low opinion of flies! The big ones buzzed me and woke me in the morning.But how they love my freshly picked blackberries! Lovely small flies feasting on them and they find every which way to infiltrate your carefully con

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