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  • I have not researched all of the points you covered. I think Harley mentioned that the land near Chantaburi is very cheap. Ask him. That is a large durian farming area in Thailand.


    A business in Thailand doesn't need any building but it needs to show some kind of sales or income over time. They have the option to dissolve the corporation if they think it was a fraudulent one just to buy land.


    The way to get residency in Thailand is to invest money there by starting a corporation or to marry a Thai, similar to most countries. I'm sure they must have other kinds of visa as well but I am not aware of the others.


    Grafted trees can bear fruit immediately as they are mature trees. You need not wait until they mature. This would be the way I would go if / when I start planting trees. As for nutrients you will need to make sure you keep refeeding the trees with compost made from the food scraps. That will keep the trees producing and it will keep you full.


    A structure would be a place to sleep, like a house or a hut. If you want to make it simple you can just sleep in a tent and not have to worry about the pitfalls.

  • Hi,

    How much depends on many things. Solar panels are not made in Thailand so they cost a lot of money since they have to be imported from China or elsewhere. The land can cost little or a lot depending on the location. If you buy land where nobody wants to own it, you can get it dirt cheap, otherwise it can cost as much as land near a large city in the USA. Planting trees depends on the variety and at which stage the trees are at. A durian tree can take 20 - 25 years to bear good fruit, a mangosteen can take about 10. If you can't wait then you need to buy grafted trees which cost a lot more than seedlings.


    Also if you are not a Thai citizen you need to have a Thai citizen to own the land or you will need to start a corporation that does some kind of business that will own the land. Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand, only Thais or corporations.


    There are many things to consider before you can do something like that. Even staying in Thailand can be a problem if you do not have a valid visa. Building a structure on the land is very expensive and there can be many pitfalls.

  • I heard fruit in Korea is really expensive so I'd hate to live there...
  • I moved to America when I was 2 years old, so I've lived in Korea for a couple years
  • I'm Korean American, so I live in the US.
    My mom encourages me to eat fruit all the time, but becomes quite worried when I finish 2 pints of strawberries by myself or eat 3 bananas for breakfast (I don't do this often, just sometimes... there's never enough bananas at the house for me to do this everyday).
    I don't dare ask my parents to buy a 20 lb case of bananas but my dad has been buying more and more fruit for me, which makes it easier for me to eat healthy.
    I'm not 100% raw, only 80%, but I'm just working on maintaining that and working my way up. =)
  • I found out about it after stumbling upon badash's blog. Badash is a girl named Ashley who is a raw food climber. =)
  • Unfortunately I have not quit anything. I am an nurse on a step down neuro ICU.

    I plan to move to a field where I can treat raw or vegan patients as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately we dont get sick so the positions are limited.
  • Dear Roar ♥
    I am not sure.
    It is not something, I ever thought about much.
    But I did get all my own wisdom teeth through (non-impacted) by age 16.
    Love and Peaches XX
  • Dear Roar of Tiger ♥
    Thank you for the friend request ♥
    My older boy (18) has had no issues with his wisdom teeth, and as Cappi is only 5, he will have to wait a little bit yet for his wisdom teeth.
    Wishing you a Wonderful Day ♥
    Love and Peaches XX

  • I majored in nutrition and I just have a lame job doing food prep/catering (bad economy and worse is my location in terms of job availability). I went to a pretty good college. Just a CA state school, but in terms of prestige I guess it's pretty good.
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