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  • Thank you!!! :)

  • Hey Robby, went to show a type 1 your food log and can't find the website.  Does it still exist?  Sure hope so! :)

  • Hi I just wanted to let you know that I can't access your website because it was hacked. It seems some middle eastern hackers filtrated it somehow. I can't explain it but all I get when I go to your site is a page saying "Team Hacker School" with a list of names of the hackers involved, a photo and music playing lol. Really really weird..

  • Hey Robby,

    I'm trying to coordinate some fruit lucks in LA. I'd love it if you could join and help me promote it a bit to anyone locals who are on the fruit train =) =) =)


    Check it out.

  • Is your website still active? I tried to visit the site and I'm getting a warning that it contains malware and they have notified you. I wanted to list your site on a handout for a class I'm teaching about fruit.

  • Hey Robby! Yes I am, in fact I am on my way to pick up my half-share from Kristina this morning! How have you been?
  • Thanx Bobby! Already am e-mailing Grant back and forth!!

    Just doing research!!

    Can you tell me a bit about your experience?

    Positive and negative?

    You know there is always a bit of both!


  • YES, Thank u..


    I thing I am going.. I am pretty sure I am going!!

    I'll be driving over from Toronto, then staying in Vancouver BC till NOV!


    When will the web page be up for us to sign up?


    Please tell me about sleeping quarters?



    NOT in a tent I hope!



  • Just curious... how much time do you spend prepping food for HFW when you intern?
  • thanks, yes, met a bunch now. Take care!

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