Ryan Lewis posted a discussion
Mar 3, 2015
Ryan Lewis posted a discussion in NYC and vicinity
Mar 6, 2012
Ryan Lewis posted a discussion
Apr 14, 2011
Ryan Lewis posted a discussion in NYC and vicinity
Feb 18, 2011

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  • hey hey! good to connect on here :)

  • Hey Ryan, do you know any fruit wholesalers in south nj?

  • hey!! Hope you are doing well :) I started learning web design this semester in college, and I LOVE it. You are basically what I want to be when I graduate haha.

  • wow ryan thank you so much! well we're here, eating mounds of durian and other amazing fruits! full on rainy season right now but its beautiful to see the earth thriving.

    In Ubud right now, tried to go to sama's but new management so it had gone up to 380,000 cheapest.. darn.. prices have risen alot i think - every place we have looked is super expensive, almost western prices! but anyhow, any info on ubud - where to get the fruit?! it is not so easily found.. drove around all day and didnt find anyone growing it, good job we went to denpesar market and loaded up! thats a good market! also, you know anywhere specifically to go to the durian trees? thanks so much! and i added you on facebook, if you use that, its easier for me to be in contact upon! holi

  • hey ryan~! you spent some time in bali right? is durian season peaking right now? it would be awesome to get some tips on that beautiful place.. were going in a few days! holi :)

  • The music you have on your page is great!  I've been listening to it for two days now.  Thank you :)

  • Dear Ryan,
    Thanks for the friendship. Your friendship is appreciated! :)
    May your day be filled with much love and seasonal fruit. ♥
    - The Fruitaholic
  • Ryan, there's beauty in every moment. Is that an after thought of negative occurrences too? Not something we think during a "bad" moment is there. Your status caught my eye as I was having "one of those days". Merci! Bibi x
  • mmm KOL. Good choice
  • Hey room buddy! Great hanging at the festival with everyone!
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