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Potassium poisoning

Hi everyone!I just told my parents about my goal to follow this lifestyle and they started going on and on about potassium poisoning?? So I was wondering to set their minds at ease, how many bananas per day would it take to have any problem from K po

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I cured my "hay fever"

I have only been on 30bad for 5 days now, and not even 100%. Slowly getting more and more fruit in + less of everything else.

What I realised a couple of days ago is that my "hay fever" which starts almost every morning was caused by my antipersperant

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Perfect Portions Scale

Hi Everyone!

I keep seeing people recommend and I was wondering if anyone has a set of scales like mine. Basically you type in the food code (1403 for Bananas) and when you weigh the food it will tell you all the details about it like y

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