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  • Hi Ted, I sent you a friend request because I have a couple of quick Ironman questions for you about race fuel, need a few suggestions please:)

  • Damn dude you love squats, I bet your good at crapping. You live in Hawaii? Your youtube says "hawaiilivin" but here says canada... I'm movin' to Hawaii soon. Earthship community idea sounds cool, its good that you make your intentions clear. Anyway, figured I'd say whats up. 

  • "Ted Carb"  

    Love it! :D

  • Ted Carb! your page, videos, words inspires me so me much! Love the way you live! How did it all started? Have you always been a fruity athletic guy? By Fruity i meant 80/10/10 lifestyle!:)  

  • love you Buddy..  sending you tropical warm sunshine.... we  planted about 50 jackfruit seeds and 15 mame .. future fruit feed for our fruity family..  :)    

  • I have so many questions for you lol!

  • Wow I'm so intrigued by your lifestyle. How many places have you traveled to? Where's the best for fruit? Also love Bob Dylan. 

  • Where is this fruit heaven you speak of? Also your life looks pretty amazing wherever you are! Cheers!

  • Hi Ted, I'm really inspire by your ideas and your goals in life. I also want to live in a fruitarian community.

    I hope we'll meet sooner.

    Love, Fanny :-)

  • hey fella, love ya.   xxx

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