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  • hello Rawkey,

    Oh man! my life has taken a whirl wind..  Went to Turkey/London with the wife and kid, got back, the wife gets a call while at LA Airport fly's out, her dad was sick, she came back a week later met up with old boyfriend. now we are divorced. everything is working for the better.  i will send out a video shortly.  now a single dad with 2 kids.  crazy busy.  race year coming up. I'm strengthening emotionally.

    Thanks for the inquirey,


  • +1 on the Moby song, gives me chills when I hear that song, utterly beautiful! Reminded me I needed to meditate this morning...
  • Hi Kev, Awesome! Thanks for the info on the Brooks eco shoes and the Nike running program, will check it out. I was thinking of the KSO's, seem pretty versatile. I like your site, looks like a great place to keep watch and come and ask for advice/coaching. I like what your stand for. Thumbs up. Will you post a facebook page too? Thanks again Kev.
  • Hi Kev, I just subscribed to your channel. Tried to check out your site, but it must be down or something another page appears. Look forward to your youtube posts. What are your thoughts on bare foot running and the vibram five finger footwear? Also, do you know a running program I can put on an mp3 player? James

  • Hi! Nice to meet you. :)
  • Hey! Where did you go?

  • It was great seeing you and Alissa the other day! We'll all have to make some plans this summer for surrounding islands and such.

    Ps: Thank you for the durian experience! It was absolutely delicious. Ryan and I are on the lookout for one tomorrow.

  • Thanks for the bananas Kev! Just what I needed.
    Looking good in those bike shorts ;)
    Perfect music.... love it all.
  • victoria!!!! nice place to live!!! i love the island so mellow and laid back!! way:):) i spend some time over in port alberni!! hi!! by the way:)
  • Hey!
    Oh yeah! I certainly remember. Are you heading to the AR Conference this year in Washington DC?
    I'll be bringing the Vitamix again, haha!
    We'll have to get together when I get back from the Galapagos!
    What a small world eh!!
    Were you raised in the valley here?

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