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January 7

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raising kids, studying my own schooling, multitudes of physical activities with the kids, teaching the kids, reading, writing, gardening, homesteading projects, etc

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yes married

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Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time series); Judith Pella & Michael Phillips (The Russians series & The Secret of the Rose series); The Firebird Trilogy; Sci-Fi anything; forensically based television if I watch ....... then I also love Susun Weed & Rosemary Gladstar & Aviva Jill Romm in teaching herbals and a multitude of books on Natural Childbirthing, Breastfeeding, Parenting ............ and of course the Bible - it covers it all, including the raw vegan diet as stated in Genesis 1:29

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I have been raw before (while I served in the Marine Corps) and I raised my children to be raw as well - long story short, my godson died and I fell off the wagon big time. I'm making the transition back to 100% right now (I'll say I'm there when I've been at it a few months with no binges and over the initial detox!!) My kids are coming onboard with me as they are very interested in getting healthy again - it's been amazing since *they* came to me separately on their own. Sorry - long story short, became long ... assistance wise, I think I just need a supportive community - as I did this all on my own previously with only help of the online communities so I know I can do it again :)

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  • Thank you! :) It has to be my favorite fantasy series, although unfortunately it can never be completed by the original author. Lovely profile image--what a cute couple!


    Also, you managed to be raw while serving in the Marine Corps? This is one story I would LOVE to hear.

  • Linkety link to the pregnancy group
  • Thanks for sharing your birth experiences! Gives me chills, I've been seeing a few very inspiring posts from you so I am staying tune, funny too that you live so close to where I grew up... Augusta, GA. I gave birth in Columbia, SC first time, where were you living during your birth experiences? :)
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