jessenichols posted a discussion in Raw Till 4 FRUIT FESTIVAL 2014
Dec 10, 2013

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  • Dude thats sick- i bet his gym is going to be so cool. I was actually looking at jobs in yosemite earlier this year, but decided on traveling to S. America instead for the time being... Not much to climb near where i am, but other regions of tge country have some beautiful crags/regions.
    Shoot, when i lived in "fresyes" i was mot into the fruity thing, so i cant say. I do remember however that just on the outskirts of the northern part of the city (like if you are headed to Yos) in the next town called Madera, there was this huge orange orchard. Probably for commercial, and i never personally visited it, but i drove through it during the month of May when all the trees are in blossom.... Holy crap- one of the most beautiful aromas ever just saturating the air around you. You could try talking to them about a wholesale deal possibly?
  • Hey thanks for the add! How's it going? :)

  • Hey! I actually used to live in Fresno, so i got to boulder in yosemite a little bit. Hope to definitely get back out there at some point but stay for a longer period of time. Where do you climb in orange county?
  • Hi Jesse,

    Welcome aboard! :)

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