jon harrington hinds posted a discussion
May 5, 2010

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  • All the best on your birthday, Jon!

    How MBG going these days?

  • Been appreciating your recent articles in M&F mag, Jon. 

    Way to spread the good news of bodyweight training, mate :)

  • I love the MBG workouts and enjoy following you on your blog! You are such an inspiration to me both attitude - and fitness-wise. You are such a shining example of health and vigour and a great poster "child" for a plant based diet.
  • Hey Jon!.... I am looking into taking your MBG Intensive course in Aug.... I just have a lot going on that month and I live in Dallas....not sure if I will make it..... do you know if there will be anymore in the near future.... I really want to go!!! This is certification is the most natural one that I have found!!! Thanks!
  • What's going on, Jon. Yes, this is a really cool site. I'm learning a lot, already. I found out about it, when you mentioned it in your interview with Molly. BTW, great interview. Hope all is well with you and the MBG crew, as well.
  • just happened upon your response to my MBG vs Xfit question, and I'm glad I did.
    Y'all are doing so much right, esp. the restorative yoga. Of course, diet goes without saying.
    Recently found your YT vids as well, and have been posting them here and
    Good stuff!
  • Hi :)
    Thanks for saying this--> "i'm happy to help you however i can:)" Very cool of you.

    As far as philosophy goes, -I just love wisdom. :) All wisdom.

    I'm always interested in a deeper conversation, in people's (or a culture's) personal perspective, & thought processes or theories. Philosophy of mind, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Existentialism, etc, all interest me. I would love to hear or read about any of them for fun. But my heart strings are pulled by Eastern philosophy in general, and by Vedanta more specifically. It's kind of it's own thing. (Even though it's in the Indian/yogic philosophy box.) I get all warm & fuzzy whenever I read about it. After getting into yoga asanas, I sort of veered off of them for a few years (-well, more that that), because I fell in love with yogic philosophy & spent more time/love/focus there. Read books & practiced with yogis or hindus. It felt really good. I really connected with my core being or my unlimited self. It was a turning point for me.

    Right now I'm into learning from nature. Getting into books about plants & the universe. I'm excited. ;) (*my hands are rubbing right now like an insect*)

    I love learning, I love reading, I love thinking -& not thinking!, (*laughing*), I love being exposed to new things, or going crazy-all-out on one thing. ;D) All of this makes life so much fun. There is so much to experience on this planet. I'm grateful & blessed. Life is pretty amazing.

  • Wow! Eischens yoga sounds ideal! I never heard of it until you mentioned it. But I googled it (-mostly you came up. ;D)), & I got some info on it from different sites. I TOTALLY agree with it's angle. It is actually a complaint (-not complaint really, just observation) I have about yoga. The classical hatha (-Sivananda yoga) that I studied & the Bikram that I am practicing now, is created for a different body. It suits the lifestyle of the Indian (-from years'n'years ago). But for someone with a spine injury & a weak core (-like me!), some of the postures could be tweaked, or better yet, new ones could be created for an American body. Most Americans (-like me) have had to work slumped over for hours, everyday for years. I'm a professional artist (-& a wannabe sporty girl), I've had to sit or stand in weird positions to sculpt or paint for years. This is not good for my posture obviously, & has created serious imbalances. Plus, having a wonky spine makes all of this worse. It sounds like Eischens yoga would be an ideal way to correct this. I'm curious.

    So back to the yoga & running questions. Just so you know. I'm not a all the super sporty type. Just a wannabe. :D) I want to be! I've gone through spurts of really loving weight training, yoga studies/teaching, running, plyometrics, dance, & spending big chunks of time there. But most of my life has been devoted to making art, & studying philosophy or health. (-I'm big on yogic philosophy of course.) I'm am currently trying to change my life/work to accommodate all the things that I love. So maybe I will have a new way of being creative (-artsy), yet being sporty, healthy & philosophical at the same time! ;D) We'll see. But it is the plan. I want to just do what I am really passionate about (-all of it) & to share this love with others.

    It sounds like you are already there my friend. :)

    Hope you had a great weekend. Xx..

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  • Ahw thanks. :) Nah. My background is mostly yoga. Went through some intensive training in the late 90's-01, studied in Southern India & in the Caribbean, & taught in the Himalayas & in NYC for a bit. I'm getting back into it again. In running I'm OK. :) I just like it. I used to be part of a team [-team LINK], ran a marathon too. But now I'm just running when the bug bites me. :) Now that the sun is coming out, (-yay!) I'm sure I'll be itching to run soon. :D) Xx..
  • Thanks Jon. ;D)
    We are having a beautiful weekend here in NY. Our first spring 'warm-n-sunny' weekend. -Yay! Everyone is super happy about it.
    Is that your mom in your pics with short hair? She radiates! She looks like she has awesome energy through the pics.
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