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  • aloha lili, hope to connect sometime, im down here in Pahoa

  • Hi liliaceous, I'd love to hang out when you get here! Me and my boyfriend are moving to a place in Kalapana, a 10 acre fruit farm, so we'd love to have you and all the other fruit lovers in the area over for a potluck. We're going to have more mangoes than we could ever eat by the sounds of it, so we'd be happy to share any time :)


  • Love your book choice (have 3 of them). Would like 2 meet you at the potluck. Call me o.k. : )

  • hey Liliaceous thanks for the friendship,hope i can get some advice of u,love ur pics u look fab!!xx

  • Hi liliaceous thanks for connecting.

  • hi there I was told by usa 811  lol that your on here alot I am new to the 30bannas a day and need just advice like how much do you spend in nz on frutis and vegies in a weeks ..I have buget for 125$ at auckland wholesaler and how much do you eat in a day ..cheers oliver.
  • Hey! Nice to see there are people n nz who are into this stuff! Got any tips for living lfrv in NZ??? Peace ^^
  • Thanks for the birthday greetings lilly (apologies for ? spelling) hope you is doin' just peachy!
  • lovely to meet you as well! 


  • :) Just happy to get to know you.


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