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  • you are gorgeous! you really inspire me to be %100 raw, since I'm in school and it's sometimes tough to be raw. 

    keep up the awesome work! 

    ps. I love running too! :) 

  • Hey! I totally caught you message someone about your current diet plan. And it seems right on par with what I plan to do right now. I want to eat all raw until dinner and then finish the day with grains/beans and salad (all whole foods and no condiments). This works out better for my fam and $$$. Have you still gained good results this way? I hope to go all the way in the future but now is not the time. My biggest challenge is getting the cals in, but I know what I have to do! Thanks for being an inspiration :-D (bc I was honestly a little worried!)

  • hi :-) so nice to connect, thanks for adding. cheers and see you around.

  • Hey I was just looking at my wall and am so sorry I never message you back! If you don't hear from me within a week, send me a reminder! I'm on a dumb iPad right now, but I should be able to have access to a keyboard by this weekend.
  • aloha

  • Niice! I love all the music you got going. Fight Club is soooo good. I think it has three elements, each in themselves would make amazing movies. But it had three of them woww. We're digging the same stuff!

    Love your photos too. Awesome profile experience overall :p

  • Relient K have still got it! :D

    Haven't heard them since Sadie Hawkins, but have lived on your profile listening to Forget And Not Slow Down like non-stop haha

  • Hey thanks for the fruit combo feedback. Best to you~
  • Nice! Yeah Cali is pretty amazing! Why dont you come and visit here? or move here lol
  • Hey,

    Thanks for the add! :) where in the US are you?

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