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let's talk prices.

i'm interested in buying wholesale, but there's only one place near me i can buy fruit by the case, so i have nothing to compare the prices to.
what do YOU pay for fruit per pound when buying wholesale? per kilo?

for example, if you buy cases of strawb

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foreign exchange students?

would anyone be up to hosting a foreign exchange student? i know i've always wanted to travel to another country for a summer / semester but figured i'd never be able to because of my dietary restrictions. 

has anyone done this before? i'm not sure ho

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fat soluble vitamins anyone?

i know that vitamins a, d, e, & k are fat soluble and we need fat to digest them, but does anyone know how much we need? is it possible to correctly absorb these vitamins when on a 95-5-5 or 80-10-10?
just curious :)

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i "need" grains and beans...

my family, with good intentions, is pushing me to eat more grains. my parents tell me all the time that i'm worrying them because i'm "too restrictive" and i'm "cutting out way too many foods". it's getting to the point where they're threatening to g

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