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  • Got any advice for the entire morals are subjective argument? Here's the latest example.

    "I disagree, but morality is subjective, so what's immoral for you, might be moral for me or vice versa." random person

    I know there there is something wrong with this logic, I just can't figure it out. Thanks for response in advance.

  • ahh it was linked off this page

  • Hey prad. yes guitar playing Ryan. LoL. Good memory! Got an electric sitting in my room now. Drinking a banana smoothie. I watched this awful video yesterday showing how rabbits have their fur torn off and they scream.

  • Thank you Prad. I really do hope so! :)

    And thank you ever so much for donating too, I really do appreciate it a lot. You are very kind :)

    Wishing you a bright and beautiful day, Esperanza xxx

  • Oh, thanks for letting me know! It seems to be working ok now, so hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. If not I'll check with my webhost. I am still monkeying around over there :)

  • :)

  • Ohyeah, prad,

    I internally gave up on our discussion (technical limitations are such a downer), but my point was basically: unethical is not only what does direct harm, but also what carries the potential of doing direct harm. 

  • Yo man

    Can't reply (think we ran out of space on the first page), but I'll continue tomorrow or so. We're progressing steadily and in the right direction, muy bien, muy bien :)

  • Yo wassup

    Just wanted to say that I often edit my posts multiple time after creating them, to make 'em more understandable. Hope ya don't mind, somehow I always find a better way to say stuff after posting.

  • Hey, Prad!  Good to see you, too.

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