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Sep 8, 2010

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  • Hi Rob,


    Thanks for offering your expertise.  I would love some advice on this issue as it has been ongoing for several years.  The more I sit at a computer, the worse it is (obviously), and for the time being there is no way around my job.  I had a grostic adjustment done (which was extremely helpful) and heart expansion yoga seems to help a lot as well.  I am concerned with the loss of curvature in my spine, however, and I notice that my shoulders are rounded.  I used to have  a small hump at the base of my neck (dowry hump?) but the yoga seems to help with that for the most part although it is still there.  Any advice or exercises you can recommend?  Thanks again :)



  • my pleasure! :)

  • Hey Rob,

    I noticed you're in Indianapolis and that you seem to be pretty active on 30BAD. I'm just looking to make some 811 friends in Indiana, and wondering what your aspirations are as far as health.


  • yep that was Paul, so true I wish with all my heart it was true. Hey thanks so much for the well wishes it would be fantastic to meet you one day. You can always start swimming in time for my 30th?
  • HI Rob, a pleasure meeting you. I see you own a bike-shop fantastic :)
  • I really think it would be of benefit for some folks to spend a day working in a slaughter house. We are so removed from all that, even as vegans.
  • Howdy Rob!
    That little one isn't so little anymore. At the time of the picture she was around 50 pounds, now she is around 70! I still pull her but havent done any long distances! TAke care
  • hey rob!
    i see you own a bike shop? do you do business with us canajians at all?
    i'd rather get my stuff from a veg i know than otherwise if it is possible.

    in friendship,
  • Hey Rob! Thanks! The kitties are the best in the world!
  • Rob the less you speak French the better otherwise people will think your an a-hole and your not :-)
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