we want to live in the jungle with u

My husband and I are currently in Brazil. We have a month    here and after that we are travelling. We don't know where to go yet. We've been to Costa Rica, and we fell in love with it. Right now we're in a very developed area and it's weighing down on our souls, we want to leave this town asap. We want to plant fruit trees and live in the jungle, like I'm sure many of you already do. We were thinking we could do a workaway, but I felt it would be better to post here because I know for a fact we will find like minded people here. 
Give me a shout if you're down for a couple to come and live with you and in exchange we offer our planting and cleaning services <3 :)

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  • Hey Vivi! We're in Brazil, why not go to another area of Brazil? What city are you in here? Have you already left?! xxo

    • hey! so we originally planned to stay in brazil but we were having a hard time finding information about where to go that's not so overpopulated and urbanized. we are currently doing a house sit in panama so we are nearby!

  • Can you get to Thailand? My friend owns land in the south that we've started cultivating with lots of fruit trees and perennial vegetables. It'll be several years however before the trees start fruiting. Also, monkeys have taken the only bananas that have set, and monkeys for to them long before they ripened. There are very poisonous snakes on the land, though we haven't seen any.

    My friend has built a very small stone house on the land :) I hope to build a house this year. We'd love to have a small community of like-minded people here. My friend is not vegetarian, though I am, and mostly raw.

    Now with this covid hysteria and fear, getting to Thailand is all but impossible it seems. But maybe I'm wrong, and maybe it's not so hard to get in.

    My friend and I are adamant about not getting the so-called vaccine, and don't beleive there is any reason at all to lock down the entire planet and force vaccines on everyone. I'm only giving you these details so you're clear about us, at least regarding covid.

    :) Troy :)

    • Hello Troy! We wanted to go to Thailand but because of the current ASQ requirements we decided to postpone. When we read that we would have to be locked up in a room for 14 days where the window barely opens and there's no mention of vegan food options, we decided to wait. Even the cheapest options were something like 2000USD+ and that's not including the plane tickets. It's crazy price gauging. I understand why they are trying to impose strict rules but it ends up that only wealthy individuals and whoever can stomach being trapped in a tiny hotel room without fresh air can do it. 

      That being said, I really appreciate your offer and as soon as the restrictions lift, I would be happy to talk to you more about helping you with your food forest! 

      • I have a friend who quarantined in a very nice hotel, but the guy is rich, so could afford a very nice hotel. It is possible that Thailand will be more lenient than other countries regarding the covid crud, and so hopefully people will be able to get in the country without ridiculous requirements. I wish you two well :) 

    • the lockdown is a good reason to start planting out a garden or food forest for sure! the coercive extortion from the pharmacy industry is easier to overcome with our own food supply and sustainable shelter since then ecnomic sanctions such as "no jab no pay" will be less of an issue.
      I hope your house raises well!


  • Bweno! if i can fInd a bolAyu thAr i wud join U  and help

  •   I do understand, except I am in the same position. I would love to live in the country and live on a farm sanctuary. I have run into so many obstacles.  I havent given up yet. I hope you find what your looking for! Good luck!

    • thank you! 

  • wishing you all the best :) going to post this discussion to the entire website and see how we go!

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