• avo sprinkled with lemon or lime juice

  • There are no good vegan cheeses (I've tried them all lol).

    The closest you'll get is Daiya cheese, which actually melts & has a reasonably cheesy flavor (like week-old cheddar...not in a bad way, it's just very mild), but as ednshell said, it doesn't digest well.  I have a lot of vegan & dairy-free friends and it messes up EVERYONE'S stomach haha.  Pity.

    Nutritional yeast is pretty decent, lots of recipes out there.  You can mix it with tofu to get improved results.  Cashew cream (water + unsalted raw cashews in the blender) can resemble Alfredo sauce, especially with different flavorings like salt, nutritional yeast, lemon, etc.  If you don't mind a bit of a complex cooking procedure (well, lots of ingredients, anyway), Serious Eats has an amazing nacho cheese recipe:

    I've also had some good custom-made vegan cheeses from niche vegan cheesemaking cookbooks (using various ingredients like tofu & cashew), if you're into cooking I can throw some links your way.  They were surprisingly decent!

  • thanks everyone!


    My cheese and egg substitute as far as taste goes.  (I am raw.)  I am not sure about cooked foods though.  


  • My kids occasionally have Daiya vegan cheese, jack style or mozzarella style, the other styles didn't taste so good.  But beware it is very high fat, does not digest well and has excito-toxins in them.  Better to fill up on enough carbs so you don't have cravings.

    A.  How do i know im not eating enough calories from fruit?

    1. Other food starts to look and smell good.

    2. Cooked food looks more then the second rate option it really is.
    3. Your energy, power, strength start to go downhill.
    4. Your attitude starts to suck. You just want to rip apart people and scream at them with frustration.
    5. You start to question this whole raw gig.
    6. You get cravings during the day and evening.
    7. You start to rely on discipline to keep you raw.
    8. You start to make raw pasta dishes, raw cakes etc.
    9. You start to question if we really need to exercise.
    10. Your so thin and weak that your athletic friends start to get concerned.
    11. You start to question veganism.
    12. You start blending maccadamias with dulse and spread it on 1inch thick flax crackers you made at 3am in the morning.
    13. You wake up at night and steal your housemates fruit. If your housemate is called banana guns and he told you not to eat the papaya, and you did, you aint eating enough fruit cals.
    14. You start to want to take fancy herbs and experiement with other diets.
    15. Your actually eating pizza and reading this.
    16. Youve got some Fred Bisci Enzymes in your pocket and your ready to try the 'all raw but 20% cooked rule'
    17. You want to believe that Brian Clement is right when he says corn chips are better than fruit. 
    18. You just paid aajonus vonderplanitz 400$ for a one hour consult and he told you to put an egg on a window edge for 50 days until its putrid and then to eat it. and you did it. you saw your dog eat some animal poo and you tried it too. ( true story i just heard).
    19. You just cant sleep!! you are approaching insomniac.
    And as Taka points out, there is more than just cravings involved in cheese that comes from animal milk, it is actually physically addictive.  Lots of good reading here:
  • There's enough vegan cheeses out there, but you won't get your casomorphine dosage from it to fulfill your casomorphine addiction.

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