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  • Hey shell! thanks for being here all these years :)
    • :)
  • wow thanks for sharing that rumi quote on the 'vegan diet didn't work for me rant' post- i ended up googling him and reading a couple dozen poems, and i think i am satisfied spiritually for at least a few days going forward. makes me feel as good as reading tao te ching, or eckhart tolle. thank you, thank you!!!

  • It's not sabotage, it's Ning-otage!

    And we've still got that gal who can't change her email address even after clearing cookies and browsers as PK recommended.  

    We can just keep featuring Peter's posts as he loads them, might get him some good pub.  

  • Dear Ednshell,

    Can you please comment on this if you are aware, or know anyone who would be able to answer this for me?? All*** the best to you, my friend!


  • Hi ednshell!  No, I didn't see the thread you referred to.  Got a link?

    I had (and to a certain extent probably still have) mercury toxicity, and I did a water fast several years ago.  I have no reason to believe that my mercury toxicity made my water fast in any way unsafe or hurtful.  Who knows, this generally may be ill-advised for reasons that I'm unaware of, but I had no symptoms of being re-poisoned or anything.  My psoriasis completely disappeared during my fast and continued to be absent after the fast.

    Having said that, i have no reason to believe that my water fast in any way took care of my high mercury levels.  It took care of the symptoms splendidly, but the real healing seemed to happen when I started supplementing with glutathione, and later on down the line, started removing my amalgams.  I had some nice healing happen because of my fast, but it seems unrelated to the whole mercury thing.

    Hope that helps!

  • Out of respect for the wishes of the site, I do not post anything on my annual water only sites...but am willing to answer questions.
    Have not heard of teeth regrowing from water fast, but when in Aspen (early '70's), heard of a local whose teeth filled in the cavities while on a fruitarian mono-diet of dates only.
    On my big water fast, I did lose all my grey hair (late 50's) and regrow it all and more within a few months.
  • Honey has been on vegan dog food, Natural Balance and Evolution along with Ann Martin (Food Pets Die For) anti-cancer diet of cooked veges, some pig fat, sardines etc. ... a T or 2 mixed in with food).  I recently switched her to salmon dry dog food for a month.  That's when the pink urine started.  If this isn't your area, please tell me and I won't waste your time.  Thanks.  Just lost my Great Dane to osteosarcoma, so I'm not at all happy about this new turn of events.

  • My little Honey, long haired dachshund mix has dark pink concentrated urine.  I looked it up online and says could be cancer.  She's about 13-14.  She just had a 1" diameter tumor removed from her lip two months ago.  She has a lump under her arm and a hard lump next to one of her nipples.  Any thoughts?  Thank you so very much, Trish

  • Thanks for the buddy-up and warm welcome. Glad to be back.


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