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Newbie here

Hi guys ! 

thanks to someone on the raw till 4 forum I've gotten this link. 

I'm so happy that i've found people that have been through thesame as I. 

I have Boulemia for about 10years now. 

I started the raw till 4 program a month ago. 

But yesterday it

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Weight Gain Advice

Hey all!

I am struggling with the increase in weight coming to this lifestyle... I know i have done some irreparable damage to my body, and I know I really need to allow myself to heal, but goodness me it is difficult! I told myself I needed to throw

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Digestive Issues coming from ED?

Has anyone else experienced digestive issues initially coming onto this lifestyle?

Im coming from anorexia and bulimia, and have found my digestion and elimination is all over the place, sometimes it seems regular but then ill get cramping boating and

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About Freelee's skinny body

Freelee has got the "body of my dreams".

But when I see other people who healed anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders, they don't have this same skinny and muscular body. They seem "too fat" to me.

What do you think of it? Do you think anyone can

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Can't stop eating...


I started this lifestyle for about 1,5 month ago. But I struggle with inability to think about anything else than eating all the time! This really is a stuggle because it affects my everyday life :( I don't want to see people or friends, or travel

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