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  • You mighta been right about not eating honey. i didn't know bees were violent with each other, especially the reproducing (queen) females
  • Hey Freelee!! <3 I appreciate everything you do for Veganism and the animals, and I would like to thank you greatly!! <3 I was just wondering when the next sale will be on your book "Raw Till 4"?

  • you are doing a wonderful job!!! Keep going girl!!! Xxxx

  • Hi frelee I found at the supermarket a "no sodium" salt wich doesn't have any salt or sodium in it. Can I use it a little bit in some recipes? For example rice, pasta.... Just some times?
  • Hi I don't have PayPal can I buy your new book with visa?

  • Hi frelee I have an important question! I have developed an allergic to strawberries. I used to eat them all the time and was fine but now that I eat so much of them everyone I do my lips swell and become itchy I'm really upset because I love strawberries and I'm scared of this happening with other fruits as well :'(
  • Freeeleeee you so great!  Why you no accept my friend request ^_^

  • hi freelee im wondering if oatmeal would be against the rules or is it an acceptable food? & is it classified as raw or cooked? tysm!!!! your such an inspiration!
  • I had to tell you that when I was watching your video "Sushi Toxicity 2014" the other day, I got a notification someone on instagam joined as "visionmercury". I felt like the universe was speaking to me & I was meant to watch your video. Thanks for posting! I will NEVER eat fish again & will try to inform others as much as possible. XOXO!

  • Okay, who is this background music? I love it.

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