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Coconut Sugar in Europe

Hey everyone!

So I'm a quite new raw-till-4er. Been vegan for nearly 2 years now :) 

I've just started up a little organic coconut sugar business in Paris, namely because I love coconut sugar in my banana smoothies and it was getting too expensive! 


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Wwoofing in Europe

Hey guys :)

Has anyone of you got any experiences with wwoofing (--> working on an organic farm) in Europe ?

I thought I'd would be great to work on a (mainly) fruitfarm for a few weeks in August.

Has anyone of you done that before and has any good tips

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fruit picking jobs

where and when? preferably organic farms...

i know that olives and grapes are after the summer, but i'm looking for fruit, or flower!,picking before the summer. someone knows good places to go to? like berries in finland or lavender in france, what is

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