Bart M posted a discussion
Aug 22, 2014

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  • Oh and here is the thread:

  • Thanks Bart, that does help!  I want to fast to heal my lungs from a chemical burn (exposure to burning styrofoam), the Docs at True North say they have good results with lung issues.  I'm sure plenty of people have heavy metal toxicity without even realizing it so it's probably not an issue if they do not see problems coming up.  But I did read that those with DDT poisoning could detox too quickly in a water fast and the DDT could hurt their organs so I was wondering about the heavy metals and fasting. I plan to get the quicksilver heavy metal test before the fast and maybe after and then do their protocol after the fast if needed.  Thanks again! :)

  • I will have to get a scale :) sounds a lot more accurate than the 66 calories per date on crono. Thank you so much for the valuable info!

  • Cześć Bart, jak Ci idzie z 811?

  • I totally checked you in at the rock today! lol
  • Thanks for that! Yeah, NYC is in reality a small world... I'm sure we'll meet up again

  • I live in ditmars aswell! And i love both of those markets! They make fun of me and all my fruit intake lol thats awesome keep me posted for any meetups!:)
  • Thank you for organizing. It was great meeting you too. 

  • Hi Bart, thanks for organizing the picnic. It was so great. I'm so glad to meet you too :)

  • Hey! I see you live in astoria too! Where do you get majority of your fruit from?
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