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  • Hi Gretta, nice to have you as a friend, i love the funky bike!
  • hey gretta! i appreciate your amusing post on the appleman thread. :D

    i dug up the "i was slow" story and thought you might want to see how it all happened:


    in friendship,


  • Interesting that you comment on using distributors. Robby has suggested that I use them. I have bought shelving for my basement like Robby has. When I return from Costa Rica, Robby is going to help me decide what I should order. I have found one organic distributor who delivers in Ingles grocery in Chatsworth.When I return, we can talk more. I have bought bulk from Greenlife and are familiar with the growers who are not "officially" organic but in fact are.
  • Hey Gretta,
    Thanks for the friend request. I will see you around 30 BaD!
    In Peace, PK
  • Yeay Gretta. Got a bike and a little one in the trailer. Keep on keepin' on. ;)
  • Hey Gretta,
    I just saw your comment on chat.
    I get really sticky hands from Jackfruit.
    I just rub Olive oil into my hands, then wash with soap and the stickiness is gone.
    Just using soap does not remove it for me, but rubbing Olive oil in first and then soaping works really well for me.
    Love and peaches ♥
  • Christian said a big "thank you" for her birthday wishes havealaugh.png
  • Thank you! Next time you come to Boise let me know and we can get together. :) I've never been to Tennessee, but I would love to see it.
  • I'm glad it's working for you. I hope it helps your daughter. It's hard to watch something like that and not be ready to change what you put in your mouth.
  • Try this instead. I'm not sure why the other link failed. If clicking doesn't work this time, then just copy and paste the address.
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